Why don’t gravel bikes have suspension?

Gravel bikes are touted as the all-around bikes that every person wants to have in their life. Since the last few years, the gravel bikes have gained something of a cult following.

Their sleek design, coupled with their versatility on and off-road, has propelled them to become one of the most well-known bike types.

While they appear like road bikes However, they are designed to be used off road, just like a mountain bike. So , why isn’t the suspension on gravel bikeswork? The main reasons are because suspension can steal acceleration, hurting their on-road performance, and of course adds weight. Additionally, it makes the bike need more maintenance, and for a bike meant for adventure it’s not a good thing.

Why do bikes have suspension?

Since suspension dampens the impact of the surface it can help make your ride smoother. This is great for serious off-roading when the terrain is constantly bumpy and uneven.

Suspension can have serious side negative effects. Gravel bikes, like a hybrid bike, are the best of two worlds. They’re a mix of mountain, road and CX bike.

You’re causing confusion in what was supposed to be a speedy, light all-terrain machine.

Acceleration reduction

Suspension from a bike can cause an eddying movement. This flex is wasted energy in the process of converting your pedal power to acceleration. The suspension absorbs the bob, but without helping the wheels turn faster.

It is necessary to lift extra weight to compensate for the weighty rear and front suspensions.

This is not a problem for shorter rides or on flat terrain. However, it could be a problem on inclines.

Mountain bikes are made to move smoothly across difficult terrain. The slower acceleration and heavier weight may make a difference in rider comfort on trails that are technical.

However, they are built to be fast.

Maintenance added

Suspension on your bike can bring an entirely different level of care.

Gravel bikes are more simple than mountain bikes with full suspension. This is a positive thing.

A good suspension can be expensive and if gravel bikes were going to try to fit ‘entry-level’ suspension to the gravel bike, they would just create more work and stress than they’re worth.

A gravel bike with suspension?

If you’re still looking to purchase a gravel bike with suspension, I suggest hybrid bikes.

The hybrid and gravel bikes blend mountain and road bikes. However, the hybrid bike offers additional mountain bike features, such as suspension.


To feel comfortable, a bike doesn’t have to have suspension.

Gravel bikes are more comfortable than you believe due to their large wheels, long wheelbases and relaxed riding position.

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