What’s is single speed and Fixed Gear? Can you ride a bicycle without gears?

The first bicycle was equipped with only one gear. If you wanted to stop pedaling, you simply stop pedaling. The variety of gears that can be found on bicycles has grown in the course of time.

It is possible to purchase bikes with no need for gears. They are extremely popular because of their simplicity and user-friendliness. There are two kinds of singlespeed (fixie) and fixed gear (fixie) bikes with no gears.

Singlespeed bikes

Singlespeed bikes have an extra wheel at the rear which allows you to cruise even when you’re not pedaling. They have a lower gearing that lets you pull off from a sitting place and allows you to keep a steady speed when your wheels begin turning.

The singlespeed bike is popular due to the fact that they are inexpensive and require minimal maintenance.

Fixed gear (Fixie)

Fixies add a new dimension to cycling. It is important to keep the pedal moving while the wheels turn.

Fixed gear bikes are ideal for training since they do not allow you to coast. However, fixed gear bikes require some time to get used also. Once you’re comfortable riding a fixed-gear bicycle You can then learn to brake and backpedal.

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Other bikes that have no gears

A lot of modern singlespeed bikes come with an adjustable rear wheel that flips or hub. It is possible to have fixed and singlespeed riding, or choose to make it simpler.

Single speed bikes and fixies are a great way to begin cycling.

They’re also quite cost-effective, which makes them an excellent option for cyclists in urban areas who are concerned about their expensive bikes being stolen.


While bikes with no gears might not be as popular as bikes that have more gears, they’re still an alternative for those who don’t wish to shift.

They are also ideal for those who don’t need maintenance, but just want the basics of transportation.

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