What to Wear Under Cycling Shorts

How to Have a Comfortable Bike Ride

The goal of most cyclists during a bike ride is to safely reach every destination and to ride with comfort.  But what makes a ride comfortable?  Well, one is having a well-conditioned mind, body, and bike, and two is having comfortable cycling gear.   

Having comfortable cycling gear will have a huge bearing on your biking adventures.  Therefore, settling for the best cycling shorts is what bikers should be aiming for.    

Choose a Padded Cycling Shorts that Fits You Well

It is not enough to be wearing padded shorts, but it also has to fit you perfectly.  It should hug your hip area in a nice and subtle way – not too tight, not too loose.  

You need to keep in mind that oversized shorts will tend to move involuntarily and could cause chafing.  Contrariwise, if your shorts are too tight, you will have a hard time moving freely.  

It is also important that you choose appropriate cycling shorts for your gender since men and women have different builts and so they are manufactured distinctly.  

You should also be aware of the thickness as well as the density of the cycling shorts that you need.  This often depends on the design of the saddle that you have.  

Always Wear Clean Bike Shorts

Cycling shorts are considered undergarments, and it’s just logical that you wash them after every bike ride.  Well, the sweat factor alone should give you the initiative to do so, right?  Otherwise, you might catch infection.  

Padded Cycling Shorts: The Best Cycling Gear

When riding a bike, especially when going on a longer ride, it is best to wear cycling shorts or padded shorts as this contributes to a more comfortable ride.  

I guess some of you might be asking what should go under the padded cycling shorts.  Or, a better question is, should you even be wearing underwear before you put on cycling shorts?

Well, the answer is no.  If you are already wearing padded biker shorts, there’s no need to wear underwear.  

For beginners, this may sound awkward as you would feel naked or your behind somewhat exposed.  This actually has an effect on wind resistance as well as on the aesthetics as you’re riding your bike.  This is aside from the comfortability and hygiene factors.  

Reasons Why You Don’t Need an Underwear Under Your Padded Cycling Shorts

Sweat or perspiration gives rise to the growth of microorganisms that lead to saddle sores.  It likewise makes the skin pliable and sticky, which would likely result in chafing.    

Padded cycling shorts are also known as chamois.  The purpose of the chamois pad is to provide cyclists an additional support or protection in the hip area of the body that is in direct contact with the bike saddle.   

In addition, the chamois pad also reduces the accumulation of sweat or moisture. It is usually created using a material that has an antibacterial agent that prevents the occurrence of urinary tract infection or UTI and chafing. 

Chafing is something that you don’t want to experience because it’s a bit excruciating.      

Wearing Cycling Tights Under Cycling Shorts:  Is It Okay?

If you are a novice in the world of biking, it’s natural to have various questions in mind like, “Is a mountain bike better than a road bike?”, or “What is the most recommended tire set up for an all-terrain ride?”. 

But there’s another question that you should be asking, which is, “Is it okay to wear cycling tights underneath cycling shorts?

You have all the right to put on tights under your cycling shorts, but you need to know that it’s not how it should be worn.  The reason for this is that cycling shorts are equipped with chamois, and chamois has to be worn in direct contact with your skin for it to be able to absorb sweat. \

Wearing cycling tights underneath it will just defy the purpose of the padded chamois. 

Reasons Why Professional Bikers Wear Cycling Tights Over Cycling Shorts

I am sure that some of you were not convinced when I said that you should not wear cycling tights under your cycling shorts because you often see professional bikers doing exactly that.  Well, I’m telling you, you need to look beyond what the eyes can see.  

What you thought to be cycling shorts over cycling tights is actually just a biker shorts with leg warmers.  That’s basically it!  Do you really think professional bikers would deviate from the norm? 

Benefits of Wearing Cycling Tights

A lot of cyclists wear cycling tights over their bike shorts because it keeps them warm during cold weather.  This cycling gear likewise protects bikers from the scorching heat of the sun. 

If you are looking for ways to protect your legs from cold weather conditions but you’re not a fan of cycling tights, you have the option to wear leg warmers.  You can easily find various leg warmers or compression leg sleeves online or in sports stores near you. 

I really find the Gore Wear C3 leg warmers and the HuiYe Sports Compression Leg Sleeves great cycling gears.  

Wearing cycling trousers is another alternative, but it is not well-recommended as it doesn’t offer the benefits that may be obtained from cycling tights or compression leg sleeves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is padded cycling shorts beneficial?

Wearing padded cycling shorts can really make your bike trip more comfortable.  You do not need to worry about getting soaked in sweat after a long ride because the chamois pad will take care of the problem for you.  You may not feel comfortable at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it.  

Aside from being effective in sweat absorption, padded cycling shorts can also help minimize vibrations while on the road and reduce the pressure once you’re in contact with the saddle.  More importantly, this cycling gear prevents chafing. 

Can I wear regular shorts over padded cycling shorts?

Yes, you can wear regular shorts on top of padded cycling shorts if you don’t feel comfortable wearing only this.  This can also serve as an added protection against chafing or saddle sores.  

Can I wear underwear under my cycling shorts?

Underwear are made from absorbent materials, which means that it tends to accumulate sweat and moisture.  Both of these elements can really make bike rides uncomfortable and can also cause infections.  

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