What to Wear Under Bike Helmet?

Before you get on your bike and start rolling, you should have a thorough knowledge of the bike helmet laws or bike helmet legislations.   The main purpose of wearing a helmet is to prevent you from incurring a head injury in case of an accident or collision. Since it is for your safety, this must never be compromised.  

However, this is more than just owning a helmet or putting one on your head because it still has to pass the safety standards. Make sure to go for bike helmets that have been checked by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Bike helmets truly can give you protection, but make sure it also gives you comfort.  Upgrading the different parts of either your road bike, mountain bike or gravel bike to make your bike riding comfortable is a great move. 

But would it be better if you would also give attention to your comfort underneath your helmet?  

If biking is one of your passions, you must have probably experienced extreme weather conditions while you’re hitting the road.  There’ll be times when it’s really freezing cold, while there are days that’s steaming hot. 

Your ease is not complete if you have a part of your body that’s not well-protected, if it is exposed, or if there’ll be a deterring factor of discomfort, such as sweat. 

Things You Can Wear Under a Bike Helmet

There are several ways on how you can make your bike ride more comfortable.  One is knowing what to wear under a bike helmet.  

If you want something that can protect your head from the cold breeze or absorb your perspiration during hot summer days, you can use a buff, cycling cap, or a beanie bandana before securing your helmet. 

This is more advantageous during the warm season as this keeps your sweat from dripping into your eyes.  I suggest that you dampen them in water before putting them on for a much cooler effect. 

Reasons Why Cyclists Wear a Cycling Cap

Cycling caps are designed primarily to give protection to the face and eyes from the rays of the sun, especially during Spring and Autumn when the sun is low. 

This cycling accessory likewise prevents sweat and rain from oozing through your eyes.  In addition, a cycling cap can also make your head warm during winter.  

1. It minimizes rain and snow from accumulating on the face

The peak of the cycling cap is purposely created to get positioned lower than the bike helmet and just a bit above your eyes to effectively keep you from blinking and wiping the rain and snow from your eyes. 

Striving to keep your glasses dry during a rainy bike ride is hard to achieve if all you have is your bike helmet.  

So, if you want to avoid stopping during your ride and wiping your face every now and then, which is quite a hassle, you should start wearing a cycling cap every ride out. 

2. It keeps sweat away

If you’ve experienced sweat entering your eyes, you already have an idea how uncomfortable it is.  This is a usual scenario for bicycle riders by which sweating cannot be avoided.  You cannot control your body sweat, but you can stop it from dripping into your eyes, and this by using a cycling cap.  

There is a long line of quality cycling caps out there, but I highly recommend the Hikenture Cycling Cap, which is available for both men and women.  It is highly-absorbent and is made from polyester material.  Its visor can be flapped and has an elastic band, which makes it flexible in all head sizes. 

3. It keeps the hair manageable

Isn’t it that every after bike ride, your hair becomes unruly?  If you use a cycling cap, your hair will be easy to deal with as it won’t be flying all over.  For those who are conscious about their hair, get yourself a cycling cap. 

Ways to Wear a Cycling Cap

Now that you already have an idea as to how a cycling cap can benefit you, let me show you how it can be worn.  There are actually 2 ways of using it no matter what bike helmet you’re using.  

1. Peak Down

Peak down is the most popular way of using a cycling cap.  This is an effective way of preventing the rays of the sun, wind, and even insects from your face, especially your eyes.  This also protects you from the glaring lights of passing vehicles when riding early hours in the morning and at night. 

2. Peak Up

Peak up is not a common way of wearing a cycling cap because many bike riders find it difficult to see the way.  However, if you can’t see the road, you can simply flip the cap to improve your visibility.  

The position of the flap of the cycling cap can be easily changed from peak up to peak down or vice versa, depending on your need.  But there are bicycle riders who wear this kind of cap backwards, which defeats its purpose.

3. It protects your scalp

Aside from keeping your head warm, a bandana can also give protection to your scalp.  This prevents your scalp, especially if you are bald or have very short hair, from getting in contact with your bike helmet. 

A bandana strikes out friction that may cause irritation and likewise prevents the scalp from experiencing sunburn.  

4. It adds appeal to the cyclist

If you like looking cool while riding your bike, a bandana under your helmet is one of the fashionable ways to do it.  You might want to check out the Cooling Helmet Liner – Do Rug Skull Cap for Men. 

It is available in several colors and designs.  Not only will it give you a cooler look, but it will also keep you fresh for it effectively absorbs sweat and keep it from slavering your face. 

Why Should You Wear Cycling Accessories Under My Helmet

It must be clear to you by now that wearing a cycling cap or a bandana is beneficial to your bike riding activities.  It does not only work as an added protection, but it also delivers pure comfort.  However, there are those that don’t approve of wearing these cycling accessories.  

Another benefit of wearing a cycling cap or a bandana is that it makes the helmet cling to your head even more.  The thicker the cap or bandana you wear, the more intact your helmet will be.  

Haven’t you observed that the bike helmet moves a lot when rolling downhill at a fast face?  This is risky as this might cause head injury.  Not riding at a very fast pace and wearing a cycling cap or a bandana can help resolve this issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most recommended cycling accessory to wear under the bike helmet?

You can either use a cycling cap, a bandana, or a head wrap under your bike helmet no matter what the weather is.  Do you want to keep your head warm or protect it from the sun, rain or snow?  If you do, you can choose from one of these cycling accessories.  

Is a beanie okay to wear under the helmet? 

It is alright to wear a beanie underneath your helmet as long as you’re comfortable with the fitting.  Make sure that you get a beanie that’s breathable, light, and comfy.

What should I wear under my helmet during the Winter season?

For you to stay warm while biking during a cold day, you can either wear a cycling cap, a beanie, or a bandana. Make sure your ears are also covered every single time.  

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