Using Olive Oil on Your Bike Chain

Lubricating the bicycle chain keeps the chain from drying out. Furthermore, it helps prevent rust in the chain and gives you an enjoyable ride. There are many chainlubricants, people look for alternatives. One of the most frequently-asked concerns is whether it is possible to use olive oil.

Can you put olive oil on the chain of your bike? The simple answer to this question is both yes and no. Olive oil can be used on your bike chain on occasion. If you don’t intend to use the oil for a long period of time you should not to.

Can I put olive oil to protect my bicycle chain?

Olive oil can be utilized for your bicycle chain. It is preferential to have a little oil rather than none. This is only beneficial for a short period of time. Olive oil will not be effective if you think big.

Olive oil is not an effective substitute for specifically designed bike lubricant. This means that olive oil cannot be considered a substitute to commercial bicycle lubricants. There are many different opinions regarding the usage of olive oil in the bicycle chain.

They are convincing as well. Therefore, should you stick to chainlubes or go with olive oil instead? Be aware that olive oil may not perform as effectively as a lubricant for oil that is properly designed. However, it can help you if there is an emergency.

Olive oil can provide you with a temporary solution that will be enough for you to bring your bike to a nearby shop to get a fix. Apart from that the lubrication effect of olive oil can be temporary. It attracts dirt, which could cause a slowdown in your bike’s performance.

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What other household items can I use to oil my chain on my bicycle?

These everyday items can be used to oil your bicycle chain.

  • Vegetable oils – Apart from olive oil, other vegetable oils like peanut, sesame seed cottonseed, cottonseed, rapeseed, linseed, and corn are able to grease the chain of a bicycle. However these oils tend to degrade and oxidize quickly. They are also not resistant to corrosion. In the event of an emergency, vegetable oils should not be used.
  • Chainsaw oil – This is among the most sticky oils. Because it’s super sticky, it isn’t going to be able to come off the chain but debris and dirt stick to it well. An oil that is sticky like chainsaw oil is recommended for riding in damp conditions and require lubrication of your chain.
  • Motor oil: You can apply motor oil to your bicycle’s chain. The oil’s thickness won’t protect your bike from damage due to it’s thin nature. The oil can also begin to oxidize when exposed to elements, like the bicycle chain.
  • Machine oil Machine oil is a light oil, like sewing machine oil, which is 100% base oil. But they don’t have anti-wear properties , and aren’t as effective. However, if you are not concerned about performance and like to use it only once, sewing machine oil should be the best option.

Do I have to purchase genuine bicycle chain grease?

An actual bicycle chain lube (like this one right here) offers the appearance of a film. It helps create a barrier between the contact between the chain and cogs. A single layer of lubricant should not be directly applied to the drivetrain’s surface to minimize friction.

The ideal bicycle lube must be strong enough to avoid metal contact but thin enough to reach the inner components of the chain. The performance of lubricants that have high viscosity (too thick) will be diminished.

The drag force will increase and the bike becomes slower. Moreover, the chain will expand, and the chance of wear increase. A lubricant that has been formulated has excellent stability in the oxidation process. You don’t have to oil your bike as often with oils like olive oil.

While olive oil accumulates dirt and grime A good bike lubricant keeps the chain from accumulating any kind of debris to an enormous extent.


Therefore, you can add olive oil in your chain for bicycles to lessen the noise and friction, but only in emergencies. When you have run out of the specialized lubricants you need and are searching for a safer alternative for some time then you could make use of olive oil. If you want to use it for long periods, look for a more effective option.

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