Self Sealing Bicycle Inner Tubes

One of the worst nightmares of cyclists, whether mountain bike or road bike users, is having a flat bike tire.  Incurring a puncture or small punctures in the inner tube is inevitable, but this can possibly be avoided by replacing your standard tires with self sealing bicycle inner tubes.  

Self sealing tubes are designed to prevent flat tires in bikes, which I find so beneficial during long rides and when traversing through rough or bumpy terrains. 

At first glance, they are almost similar to the regular tubes, but the difference lies in the sealant that’s inside the self sealing tubes.  

The sealant is similar to what’s being applied to tubeless tires. When the bike tires start to spin, the sealant also starts to get evenly distributed inside the bike tube. 

In case a puncture happens, the sealant then acts the way it’s supposed to, which is to hinder the air from escaping the inner tube.   

Best Self Sealing Bicycle Inner Tubes

One manufacturer has conquered the top 3 spots – Slime! Having said that, I can safely say that Slime is the best maker of self sealing inner tubes.  Fair enough, right?  

But, of course, there are other brands that are also as reliable as the 3 Slime models.  You better check them out below:

Slime 30045/30075/30049 Self Sealing Inner Tube

These Slime products quickly and effectively seal punctured inner tubes using the Fibro-seal technology.  They are capable of sealing holes that are up to 3mm or ⅛ inch.  

They are indeed extraordinary bike inner tubes because they are filled with slime that can prevent the occurence of flat tires for more or less 2 years.  Well, this only means one thing – it means that you’re going to have hundreds of hassle-free bike rides for a couple of years.  How exciting would that be?

The installation process of this Schrader valve tube is similar to how other conventional inner tubes are installed.  Each pack comes with a user’s manual.    

The Slime 30045, 30075, and 30049 are friendly to the environment as they don’t contain any toxic elements and they’re not hazardous to one’s health.  They are likewise non-flammable and non-corrosive.  

Bell Schrader Self Sealing Inner Tube

Similar to the top 3 Slime inner tubes, the Bell Schrader also is capable of instantly sealing 3-mm holes.  This self sealing inner tube is equipped with a Schrader valve that has a length of 40mm and weighs 380g.

What’s different about this inner tube is that its sealant is already pre-installed.  All you need to do is to install it, ride on your bike, and, most importantly, enjoy flat-free tires for 2 long years.  One more thing, the sealant will not either freeze or dry.  

If you own a mountain bike or a cruiser bike, the Bell Scrader inner tube would be perfect for you.  Just one tip: always check the maximum PSI to avoid over-inflating the tube.   

Slime 30085 Self Sealing Inner Tube 

Here is another great bike inner tube from Slime.  Similar to its own kind, the Slime 30085 can also seal up to 3-mm of holes fast.  So, there’s no need to worry about your inner tubes getting punctured as they will be taken cared of by the extremely reliable sealant.   

It is equipped with a Presta valve tube that has the same installation process as with other regular inner tubes.  If it’s your first time to attach an inner tube, simply refer to the instruction manual that comes with the pack.   

The Slime 30085 is friendly to the environment as it doesn’t contain any toxic elements and it is not hazardous to one’s health.  It is likewise non-flammable and non-corrosive.  

Goodyear Self Sealing Inner Tube

This Goodyear inner tube can fit a bike tire that has a width of 2.1 to 2.4, and is designed for  26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch wheels.  It weighs 0.55lbs.  

When it comes to its valve, you’ve got 2 options: Schrader valve and Presta valve.  

Are self sealing bicycle inner tubes recommended?

You can maximize the benefits of a self sealing inner tube if it only gets small punctures, which is about 3mm.  If the punctures get bigger than that, you’ll need to do some major repairs to your inner tubes.  

You should also expect the self sealing inner tubes to be a bit heavier than standard inner tubes.

Is the Slime sealant permanent?

Based on our own testing, the Slime sealant as well as the other brands only offer a temporary sealing solution for small punctures.  So, if you’ve been using your inner tubes for, let’s say, more than a year, the sealant may be slowly deteriorating already.

Can a bike tire be repaired after a sealant has been applied?

The sealant or foam that seals tube punctures is water-based and does not pose any damage to the tires.  It can be easily wiped out and punctures can be repaired permanently.  
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