Schwinn Boundary vs Genesis Incline

Schwinn Boundary vs Genesis Incline. Let me begin by saying that I wanted to go mountain biking this year, but had little money So I began searching for a mountain bike that was affordable.

Naturally, due to the spread of the pandemic it was becoming difficult to locate an mountain bike in the first place!

After doing a lot of research, picked the Schwinn Boundary. However when I arrived at the store, the bicycle I saw was already purchased, so I was left with no bicycle.

In-stock notifications were a complete failure. to fail, as when it was brought back into stock online it was quickly snapped up before I could purchase.

Instead of trying to find a bike that I wouldn’t be in a position to afford I decided to choose an alternative way.

The Genesis Incline was in stock and was available to purchase! It came with many similar specs, including 29” wheels, however was definitely not quite the standard I was hoping for.

But it was getting late in the season, so I wanted to get on my bike before the winter came, so I bought it.

Genesis Incline 29” Mountain Bike

The Genesis Incline is the bike I’ve had the most experience with between the two bikes, since I ended up with the Schwinn just as the snow began to fall and cold swept into.

What exactly is the Genesis Incline?

The Incline is 29” wheel bicycle with a 19” frame. It’s designed specifically for taller folks like me (I’m 6′ 1 inches) but I believe those who are a little smaller than me would be right at the right place.

It has knobby tires, 21 gears (3 in the front, 7 in the back) and overall an adequate bike for its price.

It also has a full suspension. This means that you have shocks in the front and rear of the bike.

Braking is performed making use of front disc brakes and rear rim brakes that are both wire-driven.

It’s also very well designed. The frame is black matte with green accents along with the green elements, appeals to me.

The frame made of aluminum is very lightweight.

It was the best thing about it

There were numerous things that I loved about the Genesis Incline. Let’s look at the prices as well as the suspension and styling.

The cost

You can’t really be disappointed with this bike’s price. It was less than $200, and was a very reasonable price. We’ll go into more detail about the bike in a minute.

I’m a firm believer that all products are designed to be used by a specific person, and just because the bicycle you’re riding isn’t top of the line doesn’t mean that it’s not a great choice for someone who wants to try the sport of their choice and then change it up as they go.

This bike is affordable for anyone who wants to get into mountain biking, or for teens who’ve just experienced rapid growth (ahh, the growing pains!

Full suspension

I’m going to admit that many people aren’t a fan of low-end bicycles with a full suspension because the rear shocks tend to bounce and it makes for an effect similar to a pogo stick.

I discovered the rear suspension of the Incline to be perfect! It was perfect! I don’t know if it was my bike or if it is the case with all bikes, but it offered enough suspension for me to ride comfortably, without putting too much weight on the rear.

It made for a comfortable ride.


As I wrote in the article The Incline is a great looking piece with its frame and color scheme. style.

29” Wheels

It’s a personal preference. Some people of my height like 27.5″ wheels while some prefer the 29″ wheel on their bikes. But my preference, and the my only choice was the 29” wheel, and the Incline has it!

The seat

I’m not sure what the reason it was that the bike’s seat was extremely comfortable. It’s not as comfortable as it’s supposed to be but I was able ride long distances on the bike.

What I didn’t like about it was

Although I was enthralled by much of the Incline However, there were aspects that caused me to not enjoy it as much.

Handle bars

Mountain bikes tend to be larger and more streamlined in recent years, but the Incline has a standard handlebar that is more in line with my hybrid bikes.

It does not allow you to feel as confident or have the same confidence on trails. This is very unfortunate.

Derailleur hanger

This was a major issue for my bike, which we’ll discuss later. I had plans to keep the bike over the long run, and this was a major deterrent.

The hanger of this bike is integrated into the derailleur and it is not a separate component. It is possible for something to strike the derailleur, causing it to become bent. This could lead to the bike breaking or even damaged. You can replace the small part in case it’s broken.

Brakes that are not properly aligned

It’s difficult to ignore the point that this bike is equipped with disc brakes on the front and rim brakes at the front. It’s great for riding, however it’s not the best look.

Additionally, the front rim brake provided me with much more braking power…


The bike looked fantastic, however but there were some quality issues. I had to prevent the front shock from moving as I travelled over bumps. The front derailleur did not work in all the gears.

I was unable to fix these issues and still wanted to purchase the bike.

Twist Shifters

One thing to pay attention to when shopping for an inexpensive bike is the type of shifter.

Twist shifters can be a fast and easy way to judge the quality of a bicycle. Unfortunately , the Incline comes with twist shifters.

It is more a matter of personal preference and you may like it. Other than some problems with the front derailleur I experienced, the shifters performed exactly as they were designed to.

The Schwinn Boundary 29”

Now, while I have spent a little more time playing around with the Genesis and Schwinn Boundaries, the Schwinn Boundary is the one I have ended up with

What exactly is it?

Like the Incline This bike measures 29″ in diameter and comes with the 19″ frame. It’s perfect for taller people.

In contrast to the previous model the new model comes with seven speeds. There’s one front and 7 rear. A single trigger shifter controls the gears.

The rear suspension of this hardtail bike isn’t available.

You can have a gorgeous appearance with disc brakes located at the rear and the front of the bike.

It has large, flat handlebars.

Why do I love the bike?

There are lots of things that I like about the Schwinn Boundary, and we should talk about them!

Separate Derailleur Hanger

The Boundary that I mentioned in the Incline, has this functionality. If I crash into the derailleur, I don’t need to be worried about the frame of my bike being damaged.

It’s a small thing (quite literally) yet it’s an important aspect to keep the bike in good condition.


The Schwinn Boundary is upgradeable! Its proportions and tapered headset make it comparable with bikes that are much more expensive. You can get new forks, better derailleurs, and handlebars.

This future proofs the bike for the years to come instead of having to live with what you have.

1 x 7 Gears

I’ve found that a 1×7 gearing setup is better for me. This configuration permits lesser shifting and lighter weight because of the absence of front gears.

High Quality For The Price

At the cost for the price, the Boundary clearly has better quality than it should! It looks, and functions over its weight.

What are the things I don’t like about it?

There are few things that I dislike on this bike, besides these.


The brakes are the only aspect I don’t like at the moment. I think they ought to have a little more power to tham than they do.

I haven’t had enough time yet in adjusting things but I’ll be able to correct this before the next season.

Why Schwinn Boundary over Genesis Incline

Now we’ve discussed what I like and dislike about each bike. What led me to decide to tackle the trouble of returning the Incline, and trade it in exchange for the Boundary? It was a matter of two factors.

Front Forks that Squeak

The forks on the front of a brand new bike shouldn’t be squeaking. This was the primary reason I decided not to keep the bike. I wasn’t sure if this was normal or was the bike really terrible.

I was not ready to take that risk, and that was one of the major reasons to upgrade to the Boundary. As of now, I’ve never experienced this problem!

Separated Derailleur Hanger

My intention was to update the bike as I got with it, and the fact that this single component was the deciding factor of if the bike would last or not just did not give me the assurance I needed.

Having a slightly better bike that I can upgrade can make all the difference.


While I am sure others will have different experiences than I did with these two bikes, this is my experience!

The Incline is an excellent value for money, at just $75 less than its regular price. It’s a great choice for someone who wants to get started, but knows they will get a completely different bike down the road, and doesn’t want to make the change.

If, however, you’re like me, and plan to keep this bike for the in the long run then the Boundary is well worth the extra amount for the security.

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