How Long Does It Take To Bike 5 Miles

Have you ever wondered how long it will take you to bike 5 miles?  Whether you’re a long-time cyclist or a beginner cyclist, this is one question that you may not have an answer to yet.  

In general, the average bike speed of a beginner cyclist is about 8 mph to 10 mph, which will take you around 30 to 40 minutes to travel 5 miles.  Health is a huge influence on the performance of a cyclist.  

But even if your health is in an excellent state, you still need to keep it slow at first if you’re new to biking.  Remember, biking is not all about speed, it’s all about proper pacing.  Unless, of course, your bike to race.  

Do you ride on a mountain bike, road bike, gravel bike, or electric bike?  The most common type of bike is a mountain bike.  It has an average speed of 10 mph.  If you want to go 12 to 15 mph, pick a cruiser. 

If you want to even have a faster speed, go for a touring bike that can go 13 to 19 mph.  But if you want to go really fast, probably around 17 mph to 25 mph, it would be nice for you to have a racing bike.

The biker’s average speed is one of the main factors that must be considered if you want to find out the time it takes to bike a 5-mile distance.  Here are the other factors that you should look into: 

  • Agility and strength of the cyclist 
  • Type of terrain: flat terrain, hilly terrain, or rough terrain
  • Speed of the cyclist
  • Experience and skill of the cyclist  

On average, it takes a cyclist about 15 to 45 minutes to travel 5 miles using a bike. Time is completely dependent on the factors mentioned above.  

Bike riding is one of the most popular forms of outdoor exercise or workout that can help you out in burning calories.  It is a good cardio exercise and can help improve your heart rate.

Yes, aerobic exercise, walking, stationary bike, and indoor cycling can also do the same thing, but regular cycling can do so much more to your body, especially physically and mentally.       

For a beginner cyclist, you can take it one day at a time – you don’t need to hurry!  Just keep on practicing. 

But for professional bikers, 5 miles is just a distance that helps their warm-up. 

Regular Bike Ride 

A distance of 1 mile, if traveled by bike, can take you about 6 minutes at 10 mph, which is considered the average bike speed of most beginners.  Keep in mind that a regular bike ride is just a casual ride, nothing extraordinary.  Therefore, you are not obliged to bombard your wheels with speed.  

Time is never an issue with a regular bike ride.  If it will take you 30 minutes to travel a 2-mile distance, well, it’s nobody’s business.

At a speed of 10 mph, this will allow you to enjoy the landscapes. So, just savor the moment.

Flat Terrain

In flat terrains, if running at 17 mph to 18 mph, it would probably take you 3 minutes to 4 minutes to cover a 1-mile distance.  This is the closest time and speed you can get if the road is smooth and if there are no tricky maneuvers.   

Hilly Terrain

Time is usually doubled when a beginner travels a 1-mile hilly terrain as compared to when traveling a flat terrain. The drop in speed on an uphill is sharper on the side of beginners than on professional bikers.  Because obviously, pros are far more skilled, trained, and experienced.    


The downhill bike ride is probably the favorite of all cyclists, whether a beginner or a pro.  Adrenaline automatically kicks in when going down a hill, slope or a mountain.  This is the fastest type of bike race that will take maybe just a minute or even less to cover a mile . 

The speed, when going downhill, often varies because of several elements like gravity and wind direction.  The pull of gravity will make you roll down faster And if you’re lucky enough to have the wind blowing in your favor, you will even descend at a faster speed.

Downhill racing is mostly for professionals as it is considered an extreme sport.  Believe it or not, the average bike speed of professional bikers in a downhill race can reach 80 mph to as fast as 100 mph.  Woah!

Professional Cyclists

It takes a professional cyclist an average of 2.14 minutes to travel 1 mile.  Just imagine them passing in front of you like Superman who’s trying to save the day.  You’ll most likely even be able to take a good picture unless you’re a sharpshooter photographer.  

It is not easy to measure the time it takes for a professional biker to travel a distance of 5 miles.  These bike pros are just too jam-packed with skills, endurance, and agility, and they seemingly become unstoppable once they sit on their saddles and get a grip of their drop bars.   

However, experts say that the average bike speed of pros on flat terrain is 28 miles per hour, which will only take them about 10 minutes to finish 5 miles.  

Moreover, pros have an average speed of 25 mph on hilly terrain and this usually takes them around 12 minutes to cover a 5-mile distance.

Tips on How to Bike 5 miles Faster

1. Try to lose weight

Your weight directly affects your bike speed.  If you are heavy, it means that you’ll be carrying a heavier load.  So, to increase your speed, you have to unload some weight.  

2. Pick the right bike

If you’re after speed, then go for a lightweight bike, such as racing and touring bikes. Don’t choose a mountain bike because it’s usually heavier.  But if you still prefer a mountain bike, then you should choose carbon fiber.

Mountain biking is still good if your purpose is just to unwind or enjoy the road. But if you’re after improving your speed, I recommend that you get a road bike or course bike.

3. Take a break if you need to

Increasing your speed doesn’t mean you have to be pedaling your bike continuously.  What you need to do is to break your goal into staggered intervals.  

By doing so, it will be easier for you to achieve your aim.  Consider this as part of your training. 

4. Fill your tires with air

Before you start hitting the road, make it a habit to check or pump your tires because you don’t want to have flat tires, later on, right?  Having flat tires is one of the problems that lengthens biking time.

5. Know the different riding styles

Your body position can also affect your speed.  If you lean your upper body forward closer to the handlebars or drop bars, your bike speed will automatically increase because there’s a decrease in resistance.  This is also true when you tuck your elbows.  

6. Know how and when to use your gears

It is a must for all cyclists to know the different gear combinations.  There are recommended gear combinations for uphill climbing and for flat terrains.  

7. Know the wind direction

As much as possible, position yourself in the tailwinds.  This will push you further and give you extra speed.

Biking 5 Miles Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take for a beginner cyclist to bike 5 miles?

In general, the average bike speed of a beginner cyclist is about 8 mph to 10 mph, which will take you around 30 to 40 minutes to travel 5 miles.  Health is a huge influence on the performance of a cyclist.  

Aside from the kind of bike that you have, you also should consider its size, weight, and height.  The heavier the bike, the more power it requires you to pedal it, and the slower you’ll go.   Having said this, it is important that the size of your bike matches your size so you’ll be able to bike at a faster pace.   

In biking, gears also affect one’s speed.  If you know how to use and when to use your gears, then expect to have a good speed.  You should find it important to study the ideal gear combinations for hilly terrain and flat terrain.  

How much time does it take for a professional cyclist to bike 5 miles?

The average bike speed of a professional cyclist is 15 to 25 miles per hour on an ordinary bike day.  If you travel a distance of 5 miles with such speed, it will take you only around 15 minutes.  

Similar determining factors are used to calculate the time it takes for a rider to finish a 5-mile distance.  What differentiates a beginner cyclist from a professional are their skills and endurance.  

Of course, professional riders are already experts in changing gears, whether they’re passing through hilly terrain, rough terrain, or flat terrain.  Before throwing themselves on a race, I am completely sure that they’ve already undergone bike fitting, which is really vital so you can maximize your biking skills and, thus, achieve your winning speed.  

Is biking 5 miles within 5 minutes impossible?

Of course, it is possible, but only for the pros.

To travel a distance of 5 miles within 15minutes, you should maintain a speed of 20 miles per hour.  This is very possible if you’re touring an open and smooth road.  You will not have a problem maintaining 20 mph all throughout your ride.  

Honestly,  cycling a distance of 5 miles at a speed of 20 mph in 15 minutes is not achievable for beginners.  But if this is truly your goal, then begin at a slow pace and improve as you go.  

Practice every single day, if possible, and exert an effort in learning the different cycling techniques.  Once you’re equipped with the needed skills, no one can ever stop you from biking 5 miles in 15 minutes.

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