Folding Bike vs Road Bike

It has already become a common ground for people who are planning to purchase a new bike to choose the best bike, be it a mountain bike, electric bike, road bike, or a hybrid bike.

However, if there’s one type of bike that’s gradually gaining more popularity nowadays, it’s got to be the folding bike.  

Among the several types of bikes, a lot of people are choosing between having a folding bike or a road bike. 

It’s not that easy to make a final decision as you need to really make sure that you will get hold of a bike that you really need, a bike that’s comfortable to use, and a bike that will fit your lifestyle.

You should find it necessary to make a thorough comparison between the folding bike and the road bike. 

Jot down all vital information and the advantages as well as the disadvantages.  This way, you can properly gauge what bike is best for you.  

Benefits of Owning a Folding Bike

1. It is a space saver

If you have a folding bike and a limited space in your home, that’s fine because this type of bike doesn’t eat that much space.

You can easily fold it, set it aside, and store it in one corner of your home.  This is truly one practical bike.      

2. It is great for commuting

A folding bike is usually considered a commuter bike. It can be your partner when commuting to work, when going to places, or when simply having a relaxing ride within your neighborhood. 

And if, in case, you encounter problems along the way, it’s extremely easy to pack and load inside a cab, unlike full-sized bikes.  

3. It is easy to transport

There’s no need to buy a rear rack just to accommodate a folding bike onto your car, which seldom happens if you have standard bikes, such as mountain bikes, gravel bikes, or BMX bikes.

Anywhere you want to go, why not bring you a folding bike and consider it your travel buddy?  It is not that complicated to lodge in a public transport, such as in a train, bus, or even in an airplane.    

Benefits of Owning a Road Bike

1. It possesses strength and durability

Road bikes are known to be lightweight, but they are not necessarily feeble.  They are actually very tough and heavy-duty that’s why they are often used as racing and touring bikes.  

A road bike is designed primarily for biking on the road, which is quite obvious judging by its name itself. 

If you’re into or maybe still planning on joining a triathlon, this is the type of bike that you should own.  

2. It has an impressive speed

If you’re aiming to own a fast-speed bike, you should focus on looking for a high-quality and reliable road bike.

Road bikes stand out among all other types of bikes when it comes to speed.  I’m sure, most cyclists are dreaming of having this type of bike with narrow and larger wheels.   

When riding a road bike, you are more relaxed rather than stiff.  The riding position of your body reduces wind resistance and enables you to pedal harder.  

3. It has an ergonomic design

Aside from having the best speed, road bikes are likewise equipped with a robust fork and frame, without the need for a suspension.

This road bike’s vital feature makes it lighter, and, therefore, makes it easier to pedal on an inclined terrain.  

Same is true with its handlebar.  The better your riding position and the lighter your bike, the faster you’ll go.  

Folding Bike or Road Bike: Which is Better?

Choosing between a folding bike and a road bike will depend greatly on your purpose.  If you are eyeing a bike that offers vivid performance, a large-sized bike would be a great option.

We all know that a foldable bike can’t deliver such performance.  

The best feature of a folding bike, well, as the name suggests, is that it can be collapsed without the need to disassemble it.

However, there are models that require the removal of the pedals and wheels. 

A road bike is a conventional bike that can be bought just anywhere.  It is meant to travel at immense speed on smooth roads, which makes it popular among bike racers.

It is also referred to as a common bike, but it is definitely a bike that is fortified with heightened endurance and performance.     

Folding Bike and Road Bike: Major Differences

The gears are one of the major differences between a folding bike and a road bike.

Road bikes are equipped with derailleur gears, but there are those that make use of a single speed gear or a fixed gear.

As for the folding bikes, some models now have been built with more gears, which offers cyclists enhanced speed.   

In terms of design, a road bike is usually made from lightweight materials, which contributes a lot to its exemplary speed.  

On the other hand, a folding bike can be collapsed and turned into a stackable form, which is impossible on a road bike. 

This is a perfect bike for people who have restricted spaces in their homes.  But for a road bike, you’ll need a bigger space.  

Such a bike simplifies transportation, while a road bike is meant for transportation with remarkable speed.   

A road bike can be regarded as a vintage bike, flat bar bike, utility bike, recumbent bike, touring bike or a hybrid bike.  

Folding Bike and Road Bike: Tire Differences

When it comes to the tires of a folding bike and a road bike, the difference lies in their materials, specifically in their beads.

The fabric-covered tire bead refers to the cord that is found in the inner layer of the tire, which is responsible for holding the rim of the tire. 

For the road bike tires, a steel wire is usually used in building a tough bead, while the bead of folding bikes utilizes synthetic fibers.

Then synthetic fibers, such as Kevlar, boast more flexibility and durability than common bike tires.

The Kevlar bead features flexibility that allows the tires of a folding bike to be folded easily, unlike the road bike tire bead.   

Though a road bike is lighter in general, the tires of a folding bike usually weigh lighter basically because it has smaller wheels.

However, smaller wheels is not really a big deal as it still has the ability to reach the same speed as other standard bikes.

We know that the folding bike is not a racing bike and it’s more like a bike that can help you run errands, commute to work, or simply unwind.

But it has become competitive these days because manufacturers have improved its construction and even the materials.  They made it lighter and much easier to transport.        

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a folding bike work?

A folding bike is intended to have a compact design so it can fit easily into small spaces, bags, or compartments.  It is collapsible and can be folded for easier storage.

Folding bikes can be folded in different ways.  One is the type that has hinges positioned on both ends and assumes an “X” position once folded. 

This type of folding bike costs more because it can be used as a regular bike.  

The other type folds like a shape that is hard to comprehend.  It’s more like a come-what-may fold or a shape with no sense at all. Well, pardon me because I really find it hard to find the right words to describe it.  

Since it has an incomprehensible shape, expect it to be a cheaper kind.  Quality is questionable, and so don’t expect it to last long.     

What are the disadvantages of having a folding bike?

Owning a folding bike entails a number of disadvantages.  The materials used in foldies are not of high-quality, which means it has flopped in terms of durability and sturdiness.  

It does not possess gears that are similar to that of the standard bikes, making it difficult when riding a steep ascent or rough terrain.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to traversing not just flat terrains, maybe you should opt for a more powerful bike.  

Is a folding bike a lot difficult to ride?

Since folding bikes are not equipped with gears like that of standard bikes, you cannot rely on them on inclined as well as on bumpy terrains.

However, they offer smooth rides on smooth pavements and flat terrains. 


Folding bike or road bike?  Between the two, it’s really difficult to pinpoint which is better since it depends on what your purpose is. 

You better study their features first to know which one is perfect for you.  

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