What is CX Tape and How To Use It

What is a CX Tape?

CX tape falls under the category of double-sided tape that is usually used with tubular glue.  This tape offers an ultimate bond between the cyclocross tubular tires and the tubular bicycle rims. 

The CX tape works perfectly on an aluminum and carbon rim.  Its tape adhesive has a distinct and superior formula that is capable of filling spaces between the tape and the bed of the bike rim.  

It is standard practice for most gravel or road bike users and CX racers to install bike parts on their own. But since not all are experienced individuals when it comes to maintaining tubular tires, it’s better to consider letting professional mechanics install it for you just to make sure that the adhesive reacts efficiently.  

Things About CX Tape You Need to Remember

  • CX tape is ideal for a tire or a wheel that is not regularly changed.  
  • A roll of CX tape can be used in 10 bike tires.  
  • When the Belgian method is used, do not expect the tape to come off easily.  Therefore, you need to be really careful in removing the CX tape so as not to damage the layers of the tubular tires. 
  • The CX should always be used with a high quality tubular glue when adhering to cyclocross tubular tires. 

Simple Steps in Installing a CX Tape

  1. Spread 2 to 4 layers of a tubular glue to the base of the tape and allow it to dry before applying the final layer on the bike rim.
  2. Apply 2 to 4 layers of a tubular glue to the bed of the rim.  Make sure to let the glue dry before applying another layer.  
  3. After applying the last layer of a tubular glue on the bike rim, and without waiting for it to dry, you can now place the gluey side of the CX tape, starting from the hole of the valve, going all throughout the tire’s circumference, and then to the other end of of the valve’s hole.  
  4. Firmly press the CX tape into the bike rim.
  5. Take off the yellow part of CX tape exposing the adhesive surface, then wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. Now, it’s time to apply a coat of tubular glue on the surface of the tape, and wait again for another 2 to 4 minutes before mounting your bike tire.   
  7. Lastly, align tire and inflate tire.  Then, just allow the tubular glue to completely dry.  
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