Bike Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Storing bikes in tiny apartments can be a hassle, as it can create a cluttered look and make your space appear unclean.

It is actually not difficult – all you need is the right gear to secure your bike.

Although there are many bike storage options available online, they all can be grouped into three types: wall-mounted units, floor-standing units, and hanging units.

We have put together a list of ideas to help you find bike storage inspiration. 

Bike Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

Vertical Bike Rack

It will take up too much space when your bike is stored on its rear wheels. Vertically storing your bike so that it rests on one wheel will save you a lot of space.

To get your bike vertically upright, you’ll need something to hold the top of the wheel.

You can hang a coat hanger or other sturdy, large-sized device on the wall or a vertical bike rack.

Make sure the rack is strong and big enough to fit your bike.

There are two options for you if you have more than one bicycle. You can either get two mounts or multiple units depending on the wall space available.

Wall Mount

Wall mounts are the best solution for bike storage in small spaces. They raise the bike to make sure it doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

There are many options for wall mounts. You can choose from single hook, single hook and tray, hinges and horizontal wall mounts.

They can be used for mounting bikes vertically or horizontally.

Because of its space-saving and durability, the horizontal wall mounting is my favorite. The bike can be ridden high without lowering to the floor thanks to its frame.

A mountain bike top tube can make it difficult to find a wall mount to fit your bike. Some mounts, however, have arms that move to give you additional space.

Some wall mounts even look like art, which is perfect for decorating your home.

One example is the lights that outline your bike, similar to track lighting surrounding a painting.

You can make shelving units with spaces so that the crossbar can pass right through them.

If this is not your cup of tea and you don’t want a bike rack hanging on your walls, there’s the world’s most compact bike rack solution.

It allows you to clip your bike to the wall with none of the hassle of a vertical rack.

Ceiling Rack Bike Mounts

A ceiling mount mount can be used to hang your bike for even more space saving, especially if there is less ceiling space.

This can be difficult if you have a high ceiling or your bike is too heavy for you to lift into the air.

This is a great option for those who don’t use their bike as often or who want to store it in the winter.

You can have a friend help you lower the bike or lift it up in these situations, but this is only if you are able to do it yourself.

Bike Pulley/Hoist

A pulley is a great solution if you don’t want to have to take your bike down every time you use it.

A pulley, or hoist, is exactly what it sounds. It features strong hooks to hold the bike, and a pulley system to help you lift the bike up or down.

It keeps your tires from causing damage to the floors of your apartment. You can also store other heavy items, such as bikes.

Store Outside the Apartment

You might find other places in your building where you can store your bike, other than your apartment.

Examples of good examples include a laundry room and a parking lot.

If you are unsure, ask your landlord.

This service may cost you a little extra, but it can be well worth it.

You should lock it up if you leave it in an area where others will be able to access it. A small storage locker may be a good investment for security.

Storage lockers/space for rent

You may need to rent an additional storage unit if your landlord won’t allow you to store the bike in your home.

A small storage unit to store your bike should not be too costly, but it can cause problems if you use the bike daily.

This is the case. You will need to go to the storage area and retrieve your bike before you leave for work or school.

This option may work if there is a storage unit near your apartment. You may not be able to find one nearby.

You may be allowed to leave your bike outside if you have a balcony.

Bike frames are built to withstand the elements so it shouldn’t be a problem to leave outside. A bike cover can be used to protect it.

It will be easy to access and won’t take up extra space in your apartment.

Behind the Stairs

Find a place in your apartment where you can store a bicycle. Get creative. There are many places you could store your bike in your apartment.

You may be able to store it under a staircase if you live in a loft or duplex.

There may be space behind large appliances or TVs.

Take a look around. Hidden nooks and crannies might not be obvious, but they are still there.

Get Creative

You may not realize how many options your apartment has for bike storage.

There may be furniture surfaces in your home that are perfect for bike storage, and you might have nooks or crannies. This could be accomplished with a shelf, end tables or even a table.

It is important to ensure that the surfaces are strong enough to support the weight of your bike. You should also be careful not to allow furniture to become damaged or dirty.

It is also important that you don’t allow the bike to block the view from a TV or other artwork, as well as the flow of conversation with guests.

It should also be a surface that you do not use for any other purpose.

While this might not be the ideal solution for everyone, it may work for some.

Bike Holder Furniture

There is a Chilean designer that creates furniture with the plights of bike owners who live in small apartments in mind.

He has a variety of furniture, including couches, beds.and bookshelves that have additional pieces in the back that can accommodate bike wheels.

It has a modern, sleek design that solves multiple problems for bikers.

With a bike close at hand at all times, people feel more motivated to move.

Therefore, the pieces serve as a good way to get people to stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

Folding Bike Option

You can also buy a folding bicycle.

Folding bikes can be folded and unfolded before and after each use, so they can be stored almost anywhere in an apartment.

However, folding bikes are known for being difficult to ride.

Take your Bike Apart

Although it may not be practical to disassemble your bike and put it back together before each ride, it is one way to keep your bike from taking up too much space in your apartment.

You may be able to fit your bike in a small cabinet or closet if you take it apart.

This option is only for people who don’t bike a lot or want to store their bike in the winter.

Even if your bike’s front wheel is removed, your apartment will be much smaller.

You may eventually be able to turn your wheel so it is easy.

Many bikes come with quick-release wheels.

These are designed to make it easy to remove the wheels in the event that they become flat. However, you can also take the rear and front wheels off the bike to make it smaller for storage.

Store in your Car

Another option, you can also store your bike in your vehicle.

Your bike can be stored in the trunk of your car if it has a large capacity. Your bike can be stored in a van, or any other larger vehicle.

You can take your bike in or out as often as you need.

A bike mount can be mounted to your vehicle so that your bike is always accessible.

But this won’t work if your bike has been stored in a secure place.

If you leave your vehicle on the street, someone could remove the bike from its mount and take it.

Store in the Closet

You never know what you might find if you live in a tiny apartment.

A closet can be a great place to store your bicycle if you have a large enough space you don’t use or can clear out.

Under the Bed

You may be able to store your bike underneath your bed if your bike is sufficiently sleek and your bed high enough.

It can also be used under other furniture, such as a sofa or table.

On Window Ledge

Some windows come with deep ledges that can double up as seats.

If you have these items in your apartment, it may be possible to fit the bike onto the ledge and not take up too much space.

You will have to block your view as well as a light source. But if you prefer a dark apartment with plenty of privacy, you can kill two birds.

In the Hallway

Here’s another option you must talk to your landlord about.

You might be able to park your bike directly outside your front door, if there is enough space and you are able to trust the people working in your building.

This is ideal if your apartment has direct access to the outdoors.

If so, your hallway may have more space than you think. A metal banister is also an option that can be used to lock your bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I keep my bike safe in my apartment?

Keep your bike safe in your apartment by using hard locks, multiple locks and talking to your neighbors about safety risks and building supervisor about spaces that you can rent out for storage.

Should I keep my bike on a balcony?

A balcony is a great place to store your bike as it can provide a hundred percent security to your bike. However, there should still be a strong security system in the apartment building to keep your valuables safe.


It can be difficult to find a safe place for your bike if you live in a tiny apartment.

These bicycle rack options are a stylish way to update any space. You can transform your small space into an organized place by choosing one of these bike storage options.

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