We are a web publication dedicated to sharing the beauty of cycling and informing all riders about the sport, the more people who get involved in this great sport the better the world will be… in my opinion!

I started this website to create a log of my knowledge and a way for me to improve my own cycling expertise for maintaining bikes, competitions, training for competitions and everything else in-between. I have a small team of friends here who help me to maintain and keep this website going.

You may see some ads appearing and links to affiliate sites, this is really just so I can keep this site going and pay for my cycling hobby which I am working very hard to become my profession. We are waiting for competitions to start running again but we train hard until then.

I am part of Bayon Cycling Team here in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Please drop by and give the team page a like, it really does help us over here.

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