3 Differences between expensive and cheap mountain Bikes

It can be difficult to understand the differences in price between bikes, whether you’re planning to purchase your first mountain bike or upgrade your current ride. They can cost as little as $100, all up to $5000plus.

Particularly for the untrained eye, they look quite similar. Both bikes come with off-road wheels, multiple gears and similar geometry.

What are the main distinctions between a low-end bike and a top-of-the-line bike? Let’s look at.

The quality of the product is crucial.

One of the biggest distinctions between a low-cost and expensive mountain bike is the overall build quality. This includes all the tiny components that make up the bike.

Cheap mountain bikes are not as well-thought out and don’t come with the same quality control procedures as the more expensive models.

Pro Tip: If you have an experienced bike mechanic, they might be able to have a mountain bike for less running smoother than a poorly adjusted mountain bike.

The cheaper components may wear faster and lead to more issues in time. They’ll have to be replaced.

You should definitely note, specifically in this category the fact that simply because something is less expensive, or lower quality doesn’t mean it’s not suitable appropriate for everyone.

Mountain biking can be a lot of fun, regardless of how long you’re spending riding your bike.


Cheap mountain bikes are constructed from strong tubing of steel that is heavy-duty and durable. The steel is not the problem as you can find high-quality and sturdy bicycles with steel frames. But, because of the low cost the quality of steel used on low-cost mountain bikes isn’t as good as the best.

It doesn’t mean they are dangerous. However, it does indicate that they aren’t light and pliable.

Carbon fiber and aluminum frames on high-end mountain bikes. These are lightweight and give the frame more flexibility.

Although the frames may appear like they do, high-end mountain bikes also come with greater attention to detail, with strengthened joints and hold, which gives them greater strength than the cheaper frames at the same time and weighing only a tiny fraction of the weight.

Remember that lower-cost bikes are improving. A carbon fiber frame bike can be purchased for as low as $500.

In the end, mountain bike frames are more efficient and more comfortable to ride.

Shocks, Gears, and Just About Everything Else

If you are riding a mountain bike that is more expensive you’ll discover that you are able to make numerous adjustments to your ride to make it perfect for the terrain you’re riding in and your riding style/preference.

This level of customization enhances the pleasure and ease riding mountain bikes difficult trails.

It is usually located on the fork in front (front suspension), where cheaper bikes do not have any adjustments and can fail once you’ve ridden them on a tougher trails than they were designed for.

Another illustration is that bikes that have higher prices will almost always have disc brakes instead of wheel brakes.

Thankfully, lots of cheaper bikes like my Schwinn Boundary purchased from Walmart are able to be upgraded.

Beware of bikes that aren’t upgradeable. If you don’t, you’ll likely look for a new bike very soon.

Which is better?

There are mountain bikes on sale that are reasonably priced and have a purpose.

If you’re looking for an economical way to travel within your area, or are just starting out with cycling, then do your research and find a cheaper mountain bike to begin with.

However, if you have the funds and are looking for an mountain bike that you can take off-road and go trail exploring, it is worth making the investment to either upgrade an older, more affordable bike, or purchase a pre-built mountain bike for the most efficient, comfortable ride.

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